Hair treatment With Natural Ingredients
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Beautiful Hair

Beautiful Hair

Ingredients that exist naturally around us can be useful for treating hair beauty. Here are some materials that can be used for healthy and beautiful hair potions.

If you did not get to the salon, hair care at home can be done easily.The trick, choose natural materials that are around the house to be processed into nutrients for the hair. Well, interested to try it? These references like Mom & Kiddie released.


These materials can be used as alternative natural materials to make beautiful hair. Celery proved to be effective to stimulate growth and maintain healthy hair as well as overcome the loss.

Its use is simple: Celery leaves are pounded and massaged into the scalp.

Alternatively, take celery to taste and add a little water, put in blender, puree. After that celery juice is taken and applied to the scalp and hair, let sit for 30 minutes after it is washed thoroughly. In addition to regular usage could nourish the hair can also discolor the hair.

Olive oil

The content of vitamin A and E found in olive oil can also be used as an alternative to nourish hair.

The trick with the olive oil evenly membalurkan after shampooing, then let stand for 15 minutes, then rinse again until clean hair. For maximum results can be used twice a week.


This material is useful for black hair. Use with roast some pecans to black then mash until smooth, then baluri into the hair evenly at least three times a week. The result will appear in a few months.

Green coconut

The content of vitamin A and E in coconut water is quite effective black hair, moisturize dry hair or hair normalize.

How, green coconut water directly smeared evenly to the hair and scalp, then let stand for 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse the hair thoroughly. For maximum results can be used once a week.


The fruit is rich in vitamins A and E so that the fruit also has the ability to moisturize dry hair or normalize and trigger the growth of the hair root and strengthen it so that the hair is not easily broken.

Way to take one ripe avocado, then blend or puree the avocado, apply directly to the scalp area, wait for 15 or 20 minutes. To get the most out-do each one once a fortnight.

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