What is Sterling Silver
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Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver Ring


Silver is a mixture containing as much as 92.5% pure silver and7.5% other metals, usually another metal is copper. High-qualitysilver size have as many as 925 fineness minimum millesimal.

Pure silver (99.9% purity) is generally too soft for producing largefunctional objects, therefore, silver is usually mixed with other metals(copper) for strength, as well as to make it more resistant / resilientto be used as jewelry, furniture , wire, etc.. and to add beauty asprecious metals.
Other metals can replace the copper to be mixed, usually with the intent to improve the quality, mix of high-quality metal which is basically for reducing casting porosity, eliminating fuel stains(firescale), and to increase resistance to stains.

These replacement metals include germanium, zinc and platinum,as well as other types of additional materials, including silicon andboron.
A number of mixtures have appeared in recent years, formulated toreduce or to block stains firescale, and this is already a severecompetition among manufacturers of metal, they each claim to have the best formulation. However, none of the new mixture that has emerged to replace copper as a mixture for the size of the industry,and is currently mixing the field of metal is a very active field ofdevelopment.

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