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Well, Madonna Be Shoes Designers

Madonna Shoes Designer

Madonna Shoes Designer

THERE IS a new world that encroached upon senior singer Madonna. No longer in a world of singing who raised him, but she’s to be profession as a shoe designer.  The singer of   “Girl Gone Wild“ recently has penetrated the world of fashion with the issue of shoes design. In collaboration with Aldo Group Inc.,issued a shoe with a label Madonna Truth or Dare.

Madonna had a collection of 12 photos showing very seductive women during early fall . Shown with pump pretty form, studded stilettos complete with a mini bow,and red carpet-friendly-slash-sexy Gilded heel, the collection is immediatelycaptured the hearts of women. Moreover, these stylish shoes at affordable prices,ie USD89 to USD349 or approximately Rp800 thousand to Rp3, 1 million.

Reporting from the MTV Style, Tuesday (03/13/2012), women experience a “wild”when he heard this news. Who would not want to have a collection of Pop MusicDiva shoe design world? Certainly no one would say no.

The plan, a collection of Madonna’s shoes began to be promoted throughtelevision advertising and promotion boards, and magazines. With the release ofthis news, millions of women in the world was not looking forward to the presence of his work shoe models.

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