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Healthy & Beautiful Skin with Oxygen Therapy

A close up of a young womans face with Beautiful Skin

A close up of a young womans face with Beautiful Skin

Age of capillary circulation to deteriorate, so the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the skin is reduced. This leads to dehydration of the skin. One of the oxygen therapy is useful for facial skin rejuvenation is oxygen.

Oxygen content decreased with increasing age. Around the age of 30 years, the skin loses more than 25 percent oxygen content. At the age of 40 years, nearly 50 percent of the skin’s ability to consume and save the oxygen has been weakened.

Skin signs of oxygen deficiency is incurred smooth wrinkles, wrinkles and skin look dull.

“If the skin deprived of oxygen, of course, be treated with the supply or delivery of oxygen to the skin. Tools also varied ranging from the type of infusion, spray, until the space of pure oxygen and so forth, “said Dr. Yunita A Hendy.

Facial oxygen can serve as entibakteri and whiten the skin as well as addressing minor wrinkles.

Oxygen therapy for facial skin is very important because the skin is the end of the tip of the blood circulation and oxygen distribution in the body,” he continued.

Facial oxygen into the trend for many Hollywood celebrities such as Madonna, Eva Longoria, and Justin Timberlake have tried this therapy.

Pure oxygen facials and serum derived from pure oxygen is useful to increase oxygen levels in the skin, increase vitality, cell regeneration, and tackling the effects of pollution on the skin. The oxygen will make the colors brighter and healthier skin.

“Oxygen kills all anaerobic pathogens, so as to cleanse the skin from free radicals. Another function is to increase the oxygen metabolism work freely and absorb vitamins, minerals, and other nutrusi used as skin care, “he said.

Serum oxygen is usually used during a facial treatment or medical procedures. Serum is applied evenly to the skin prior to oxygen spray is sprayed. Serum can also be mixed with oxygen.

“Oxygen therapy in the face can be repeated approximately every 2 weeks, unless there are other serious action, for example, in burns, chemical peels,” he added.

If you supply enough oxygen to the skin, the skin will look more moist and chewy. That’s because the oxygen helps the formation of collagen in the skin. Increased levels of skin cell metabolism, enhance the growth of blood.

“Oxygen can reduce dark circles, fine line wrinkles, puffy eyes, the skin is not bright or dull. To be sure, in order to maintain healthy skin, “he said.

During accordance with the procedures and tools used mengerjaan clean, side effect of this therapy does not exist. This therapy can be undertaken by anyone.

“There is no age limit. All ages and skin types can undergo this therapy, “he said. Getting the work rightly done is only possible through latest and updated cissp certification testing engine from Pass For Sure.

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